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At Marco’s Café and Espresso Bar, we’re all about keeping it as simple and local as possible, with both our food and our select partners. Not only does it help reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses—although we love that part, too—but it also just makes for better meals!
How do you keep the environment in mind?

We strive to be socially and environmentally conscious in all that we do, both in the kitchen and in the marketplace, which is why we offer:


“Clean eating":

  • Trans fat-free menu

  • All natural, hormone-free meats

  • Cage-free eggs

  • Fish approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium "Seafood Watch®" National Seafood Guide

  • rBGH- or rBST-free milk

  • Equal exchange, organic, fair trade coffee and espresso

Reduced impact:

  • Use of solar hot water

  • Extensive recycling, including 95% of all waste

  • Donating 50-100 meals to St. Francis Dining Hall a month

  • Donating baked goods and soup to various local charities


Longtime Marco’s patrons will tell you: Our coffee is something special, too. Our beans are provided by Equal Exchange, an alternative trade roaster who bypasses the conventional market by trading directly with small-scale family farm co-ops.


As a result, the farmers obtain higher prices for their product—nearly double, to be precise. With the increase in equity, farmers are able to farm organically, protecting the environment and the farmers themselves from pesticide poisoning. (And, it’s worth noting, creating a rich, flavorful, superior quality coffee bean.)


Many of these co-ops also use their added revenue to fund badly needed services in their local communities, such as healthcare, education, and transportation infrastructure. Visit Equal Exchange's website to find out more.

Who are some of your local partners?

The Marco's Café & Espresso Bar reduces its carbon footprint by using as many local suppliers as possible, helping reduce the emissions associated with shipping food and supplies across the country, supporting local small businesses, and ensuring the freshest possible food for our patrons.


Marco’s partners include:

  • Aloha Juice

  • Classic Foods

  • Food Services of America

  • K&F Coffee

  • Pacific Coast Fruit

  • Ocean Beauty

  • Secret Aardvark Sauce

  • SP Provisions

  • Grand Central Bakery

Additional smaller local suppliers include:

  • Waffles West, Portland, OR

  • Parson's Berry Farm, Portland, OR

  • Reiser Farms

  • D'Vine Handcrafted Wine

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