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Valentine's Dinner Menu

Served Friday, February 14, 2014 from 5pm-9pm


Stuffed Artichoke

Steamed half artichoke chilled and filled with deviled egg salad, dolloped with black flying fish roe
$ 6.95


Filet Mignon Oscar

Tenderloin steak of naturally raised Canby beef served atop whipped Yukon gold potatoes and asparagus spears, topped with red crab meat and a classic bearnaise


Crab & Scallop Paella

Fresh sea scallops, red crab meat, clams, mussels, chicken breast, andouille sausage, red peppers, sweet peas and Arborio rice simmered in a saffron marsala sauce with a hint of smoked chiles.


Yukon River Salmon Caponata

Fillet of Alaskan salmon stemed with basil and white wine, served atop steamed wild rice blend with steamed spinach, dolloped with caponata and black flying fish roe.


Half Roasted Game Hen

Half game hen roasted with spices, served with cornbread stuffing and whipped Yukon gold potatoes topped with pan dripping brown gravy.


Pork Chops Dianne

Lean boneless center cut Carlton Farms pork sirloin chops broiled and served atop whipped Yukon gold potatoes topped wth a brandied mushroom and Dijon mustard cream sauce.


*Angel Hair Marinara

Semolina pasta tossed with sautéed exotic mushrooms, asparagus, black olives and marinara sauce topped with asiago cheese and served with garlic cheese bread.

*Asparagus Chevre Napolean

Buttery puff pastry filled with a blend of asparagus, ricotta cheese, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and chèvre, baked and topped with an asparagus chèvre cream sauce; served with steamed wild rice blend.





Almond hazelnut meringue filled with dark chocolate ganache and espresso cream, glazed in bittersweet chocolate.

Grand Marnier Genoise

Light genoise cake filled with blood orange custard and raspberries, iced in Grand Marnier buttercream and served with raspberry sauce.
$ 7.25