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Dessert Menu

Berry Tartlet ~ 6.5
Lemon cookie crust filled with creme fraiche and fresh berries.

Marco's Own Bread Pudding ~ 5.75
Served warm with a whiskey custard sauce and whipped cream.

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee ~ 6.5
Vanilla bean custard with a caramelized sugar topping served with a double chocolate pecan cookie.

New York Style Cheesecake ~ 7
Served with seasonal fruit compote.

Blueberry Crostada ~ 7
Served with lemon cream.

Tiramisu ~ 7
Coffee soaked lady fingers layered with espresso zabayon and dusted with chocolate covered cocoa nibs.

Debbie's Chocolate Velvet ~ 7
Chocolate cookie crumb crust with chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream.

Flavored Ice Cream ~ 3.25
Ask your server for the selected flavor of the day!

Vanilla Ice Cream ~ 3


Soup of the Day

Wednesday, October 1st
*Hungarian Mushroom