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Why the Umbrellas?

The umbrellas of course have an aesthetic value in the décor of our restaurant and also help in reducing the reverberation of sound off of our hard ceiling when the restaurant is full and can become quite loud. The main purpose, however, is to remind us and our patrons that not everyone can afford to eat out or in some cases to eat at all. Every umbrella on our ceiling was provided by either an employee or a patron of Marco's Café. For each umbrella donated to the project we provide 10 meals for homeless people in our community through St. Francis Dining Hall in Southeast Portland. This is and will remain an ongoing project here at Marco's and we encourage everyone to bring in as many advertisements as you can find and continue to work with us in trying to help those in our community who are much less fortunate than ourselves. All of us at Marco's want to thank you for both your patronage and your cooperation in our "Umbrellas of Marco's, Enjoy a meal ­ Give a meal" project.

Bring in your favorite umbrella that you would like to see hung from the ceiling today to Marco's Cafe!

"When I think of Marco's, I am filled with comfort, familiarity, wonderful food, atmosphere (those umbrellas!) and terrific staff. For me, Marco's represents all of the special uniqueness that is Portland."
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(Dining with Marco's
for over 25 years)