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Our Chef

Maurice Lynn, our chef for almost 20 years, began his culinary career at age 4, when his mother allowed him to flip crepes and prepare batter for parties. Maurice is well traveled and has learned much from experiencing the different cultures abroad and seeing how they enjoy life with food. He is fluent in both French and Spanish. He credits his grandmothers for much of the diversity in his cooking style. Through them he experienced influences in French, German, and Southern U.S. flavors and cooking diversities.

Professionally, Maurice's first shot at learning the fun of cooking and serving the public came from Bill Coffey of the Rib Cage in Laguna Beach, California, where he worked for four years. He then moved on to an externship of cooperative training with chefs Friedrich Winant of The White House Tavern in Laguna Beach and Jean-Michel Boulot of Café Du Lac in Lausane, Switzerland.

Maurice, not only has mastered the operation and supervision of the kitchen of a restaurant, but also the entire restaurant operation. After leaving The White House Tavern, Maurice served as both Chef and General Manager at El Lugar, in Laguna Beach for over seven years and now serves in that same capacity here at Marco's Café where he is commonly referred to as being almost indispensable.

We feel Maurice's ability to continually provide new, interesting, innovative, and delectable entrees night after night is virtually unparalleled. He is not only admired by his loyal following of customers here at Marco's, but is also equally admired and respected by his co-workers and most of all is admired, respected, and deeply appreciated by the owners of Marco's Café.

Maurice cooking

"A creative menu. As a vegetarian, we appreciate all of the options. The food is consistently delicious."
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Jennifer & Mark
(Dining with Marco's
for 20 years)