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History of Marco’s

Marco's Café and Espresso Bar was opened in 1983 by Mark and Helga Saitowitz in the historic Nelson Thomas building in the village of Multnomah. Originally built as the Thomas Bungalow Grocery in 1913, this historic edifice included the first Multnomah Post Office and was also used as a Masonic Lodge and dance hall. With an architectural style classified as "streetcar era commercial", the Thomas building housed an appliance store, a junk store, plant shop, resale shop and several bakeries from the 1950's through the 1980's.

Peter Zych, a local restaurateur, and Dean Rothenfluch, a CPA, purchased the business and building in 1989. They have maintained much of the menu and ambiance of the original Marco's, which was popular with locals for its eclectic mix of dinner specials that changed nightly and the Thursday ritual of Mulligatawny, a creamy curried vegetable soup with apples. In February of 1995, Peter decided to pursue other interests and since that time Dean and his spouse Debra have taken over the operation of the restaurant.

Marco's owners want the restaurant to remain primarily a "neighborhood cafe", providing a place for local neighbors, merchants and visitors to enjoy healthy and interesting food in a comfortable space. Children are also welcome at Marco's, many knowing where to find the coloring books and crayons to keep themselves busy.

The historic Thomas building underwent a major renovation in 1992 and yet another in 1995. The foundation was completely rebuilt and both the kitchen and dining room were remodeled. This should carry the establishment well into the 21st century.

"Your restaurant has been and is the site of a hundred or so 'grandma dates' with two grandsons over the years."
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